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Strain – Cheetah Piss

Strain – Cheetah Piss

STRAIN –  “Cereal Milk”

STRAIN – “Cereal Milk”

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Strain – Sour Tangie

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Mixtape Monday – My Guitar Gently Weeps

Artists You Should Be Following On Instagram…Like Right Now!

Most of the new shit I’ve bought lately, I discovered on Instagram first. Anything from new restaurants, hair salons, t-shirts, and Fashion Nova jeans can be discovered just by scrolling your Insta timeline.

My favorite discoveries on Instagram are always emerging artists, painters, and graphic designers. There are countless IG pages containing incredible art, but the following are ten artists you’ll want to follow and commission right now!


Justice Dwight – @justicedwight

In a style reminiscent of Roy Lichtenstein, Justice Dwight’s pop art is a colorful celebration of femininity mixed with Snapchat filters and comic word bubbles.

LAUREN – @laurinadraws

If you like my logo, then you’ll love the artist behind it. LaurinaDraws is an illustrator who draws custom portraits, but her best work is her hilarious sketches of her life as a wife, and mother of two.


STAIN – @stainislike

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if the kids from Hey Arnold! ended up at the 1996 SOURCE Awards? Yeah, me neither. Which is why I adore STAIN and his mash-ups of fictional characters with real events.




Kii Arens – @kiiarens

Artist Kii Arens  makes concert posters for bands that are so good, they could be snatched from a merch tent and sold at an art auction. Each print is a beautiful and abstract depiction of the musician and the music they make.


Sara Golish – @saragolish

Sara Golish’s artwork is a beautiful collection of women with an African tribal aesthetic, and consists of a black, brown, white, gold, and silver palette. Golish’s art has been showcased on wood, canvas, and even skin! Her Instagram page features several admirers who have gotten Sara Golish tattoos. If it weren’t for the “No More Tattoos” oath I took recently, I might consider it. They’re that beautiful.

Debra Cartwright – @debracartwright

Debra Cartwright is an illustrator for companies like; McDonald’s, Buzzfeed, and Essence Magazine, but it only takes a quick look at her Instagram page to exactly why see why she’s so in demand. Cartwright primarily uses watercolors to paint Black figures in the most beautiful light.


RGNL_SWGGR – @rgnl_swggr

As far as graphic designers on Instagram go, RGNL_SWGGR is one of the dopest. His street style has been commissioned for album artwork, logos, and apparel.

Kern Bruce – @kernyboydraws

Americans are living in turbulent times with a lot of political and social unrest. Being Black in this country is particularly hard because it means having to acknowledge that your nationality is also a source of oppression. Artist Kern Bruce beautifully captures the nuances of Black life, love, joy and pain.

Markus Prime –

Markus Prime draws comic book style depictions of real people and current events. His style is so relatable that his work is known to go viral. I found his page after seeing his work reposted on several Instagram pages and was not at all disappointed by the rest of his collection.

Kashmir -@kashmiriii

If you live in Brooklyn or watch Insecure, you’re likely to have seen a Kashmir design or two. Kashmir takes Black pop culture institutions and captures them in a way that is simplistic but immediately recognizable.