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Everything You Need To Go Out In Public While High AF

Nothing is worse than taking a small toke before you go out into the world, exiting your 5th floor walk up apartment, and realizing you forgot your sunglasses. The only thing more miserable is exiting the 2nd time and realizing you also forgot to grab gum!

Well, we here at HHAY have the perfect solution! We have curated a stoner’s guide to everything you need to go out in public while high.


 Chapstick  – Dry lips are never sexy. In fact, they’re anti-sexy and a sign of dehydration. They are also the last thing you want to worry about while lit on the G train. It’s bad enough worrying whether or not everyone knows you’re high. They do know by the way. You smell skunky. But your lips feel so much better now and they don’t look like a homeless man’s foot anymore!


Our Recommendation: Rosebud Smith’s Eucalyptus Menthol Lip Balm. The Eucalyptus is key to getting your lips nice and smooth. The menthol is key to getting your lips to burn like a motherfucker [ In a nice way!]



Sunglasses –  So what if its January and overcast. When your eyes are crimson colored and your lids can barely hold themselves up, sunglasses are your best friend. Just don’t forget them in the backseat of a cab. Again.


Our RecommendationH&M Sunglasses. $24.99 – They’re stylish enough to complete your look, sturdy enough to last, and cheap enough that losing them is not the end of the world.


Headphones – Stoned or not, headphones are something you simply can’t be without. Music is the perfect soundtrack to your day. We all walk with a little more swag when listening to Beyoncé.  Try listening to a little Pusha T when you’re stuck at your office job dreaming of  pushing kilos of cocaine in VA Beach instead. And ladies, headphones are the perfect ammunition against street harassment. “Sorry I can’t hear your profound misogyny through my Beats By Dre! But I’m sure it was endearing.”


Our RecommendationSony Studio Headphones

These Sony Studio headphones have a great audio output and retail for $20. With all that money you save you can totally spring for an ounce this time.



Water Bottle –  “If you wait until you are thirsty to drink, you’re already dehydrated.” – Maya Angelou

While a nice pull of AK-47 is delicious, the cottonmouth effect it leaves can be overwhelming. If you love yourself, always grab a water bottle. If you love the planet, buy a re-usable one.


Our recommendationSriracha Shaped Water Bottle – Hey look! We found a water bottle that looks just like Siracha. So you’re friends can be all like, “Hoe, don’t do it!” and you can be like, “Chill, bruh. It’s just water.”


Something To Chew On – Getting the munchies is a hell of a feeling but nothing compares to the ecstasy of satisfying that extreme bout of hunger. Almost anything available will do. Pringles,Granola, Peanut M&M’s, Flaming Hot Cheetos; whatever! Make the best decision for your cravings. But at HHAY our most favorite go – to -snack has been and will always be…


Our Recommendation:  DORITOS – Sweet Spicy Chili. – Ahhh, yes! The Sweet and Spicy Chili Doritos flavor. Hands down the best flavor in the Frito – Lay universe.



Backpack – Finally yet most important, you’re gonna need something to carry all this shit. Why not do it in style! Herschel backpacks are so sleek looking and are an excellent way to carry everything on this list and anything else you might cop throughout the day. A backpack is the easiest  and most stylish way to eliminate your “Fuck, I forgot..” moments.


Our Reccomendation:  Herschel Supply Co. Backpack