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Strain – Sour Tangie

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Jamela’s 420 Stash Kit: All The Basics You’ll Need For A Seamless Smoke Sesh

One of the things I look forward to the most each day is going home, taking off my bra, and breaking out my stash box. The worst feeling is getting ready to smoke and not having all the essentials you need. Missing a lighter, or having weed but nothing to put it in, can throw a wrench in your plans.

The following are all of the basics that I use for my smoke sessions, along with the brands that I love.

The Stash Box

It’s important to pick a discreet container that seals away odor, is large enough to hold everything you need, and also makes you happy when you see it.

I like using really girly containers because it makes it feel more personal and is a far departure from the dirty plastic stash containers I grew up seeing the men in my life use. Plus what girl doesn’t love a cute kit. I have one for my nails, for my makeup and of course for my weed!


The Lighter

Nothing is more essential to any smoke out than a lighter. Nothing is also easier to lose than a lighter. It’s hard to keep up with cheap plastic Bic lighters but I have found that spending a little bit of money on a high quality pricey lighter forces me to keep track of it.

The best lighter I’ve ever bought was an electric coil lighter from a Marche Rue Dix, a boutique in Brooklyn, NY. It charges by USB and you’ll never have to worry about wind!


The Papers

Raw. Juicy Jay. BackWoods. Philly’s. White Owl. Swisher Sweets.

Take your pick!

Some prefer the slow burn and aroma of blunts. While rolling papers for joints are healthier and less harsh on your lungs. I usually resort to papers in social setting with more than two people because it’s easier to pass around.

For blunts I prefer  good ole’ Swisher Sweets. For joints I prefer Curved.


The Bowl

Using a bowl or pipe is the best way to go when you’re smoking with one or to people, and want to conserve your weed. There are so many cute bowls out there and even if you aren’t in a legal location, they are super easy to find.

I’ve bought several pipes from companies I’ve found on Instagram, and my favorite is @cutipipes



I spent years breaking down bud with my nails and even after I found out about grinders, I felt like it was taking the easy way out. I liked the feeling of breaking down weed by hand and watching it crumble. That was until I got one of those sticky soft strains. I used a grinder once and haven’t looked back. A good grinder is a must have and there are so many different kinds. An electric grinder is ideal but pricey. I got my grinder (pictured below) from a bodega in Harlem. Best $10 I’ve ever spent!


The Assist

In addition to a lighter, papers, pipe, a grinder, and well…weed, there are other items that aren’t necessarily essential but can cut your prep time and make your smoke sesh more efficient.

A Card – For scraping up loose bud

Filters – Not a necessity, but adding a filter to your blunt or joint can make for a smoother pull

Odor Proof Container – If your actual stash kit isn’t odor proof, putting your weed in an odor proof container not only keeps it fresh, but it also keeps the room from smelling dank when you aren’t smoking


Making sure you have the basics is the best way to make sure that you’re not caught slipping right before you try to catch a buzz. Don’t forget to get the above essentials, but customize your own personal stash box to tailor your personal smoking needs.