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All The Reasons Why We Should Collectively Stop Smoking Blunts

Okay, so I’m 100% prepared to lose my ‘Black Card’ for this post, but I truly believe that it’s high time we stop smoking blunts.

I get it. Blunts are a cultural staple when it comes to smoking weed. Knowing how to pearl a blunt is a badge of honor and a lot of niggas smoke blunts exclusively, so it’s hard to just sit out of a smoke cypher if the only thing being passed is a blunt.

I once dated a guy who said that rolling a blunt is the sexiest thing he’d ever seen me do. That either speaks to how bad I am in bed, or how exalted Dutch Masters, Backwoods, Swishers, and Philly’s are in the Black stoner community (hint: It’s the latter.)

They’re everywhere, durable, and easy to get a hold of. They look cool and are the preferred smoking vehicle of all our favorite celebrities. Snoop, Red and Mef, ODB. The list goes on and on. In fact, let’s take a moment and look at some classic cigarillo moments.

And who can forget that time Rihanna rolled a blunt on someone’s head.

It’s such an iconic smoking apparatus that I hate to ruin them for you, but it’s high time we stop smoking blunts and here’s why:

It’s Terrible For Your Health

Smoking anything is bad for you. Mostly because of the carcinogens in smoke. The healthiest way to consume weed is to either vape or eat or drink an edible or tincture. But if you must smoke, blunts are by far the worst way to do it. They are usually made from tobacco leaves or contain chemicals used in making tobacco products. This includes tar and nicotine which is dangerous because you usually have to hold smoke in your lungs for a second to get a good hit. Although blunts burn slower, the tobacco chemicals used to manufacture them can make smoking harsh on your respiratory system.

Researchers at the U.S National Library of Medicine found that adding tobacco additives to weed created “cannabis dependency”.

To be fair, blunts are the easiest way to smoke socially. They are longer in length than joints, burn slower, but is your health really worth the risk?

It’s A Waste Of Weed

I’ve me people who smoke blunts by themselves and the whole time I’m thinking that there are better ways to get a more impactful hit and conserve green. The chambers in a bowls, bongs and good quality vaporizers make the pulls more effective than than a blunt, so in the end you end up using less weed. There are more efficient ways to smoke. There are joints, bowls, bubblers, bongs, edibles, dabs, tinctures, and hash oils if you know where to find it.

I once had a dude tell me that smoking out of a bowl made him feel gay. Can you imagine having your masculinity be so fragile that putting a glass piece to your mouth makes you feel gayer than putting your lips on something another dude licked all over!? I don’t get the logic or homophobia, but all I can say is his loss. Pipes, bowls, and bubblers are where it’s at if you’re down for smoking.

It’s not hard to see that all the other options you have to consume weed are better in the long run than blunts.

Joints are great to smoke socially. They burn fast but the paper is less harsh on your lungs.

Vapes are the best bet if it’s just you and a friend. Also a good way to avoid smelling like Whoopi Goldberg’s purse.

Edibles are great if you can’t bring weed with you and you don’t mind waiting an hour to get fucked up.

and Dabs and Hash is even better when you can get it.

So lets be better, healthier, mindful stoners going forward.